Alliance members all represent (i) advanced competences within their respective thematic fields of science, (ii) a deeply rooted experience in that there is a great need for more powerful  Cisco 640-822 frameworks and arenas that would allow for more effective cross-disciplinary and cross-sector cooperation, and (iii) a deep understanding of the FSSD and its potential to come to grips with (ii).

    • Arizona State University, USA: George Basile
    • Ben-Gurion University, Israel: Michal Bitterman
    • Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden: Göran Broman, Tobias Larsson, Karl-Henrik Robért
    • Brunel University, UK: Susan Jobling
    • Carnegie Mellon University, USA: Terry Collins
    • Federal University of Amazonas, Brazil: Andrea Waichman
    • Karolinska Institute, Sweden: Walter Osika
    • Linköping University, Sweden: Louise Trygg
    • Macquarie University, Australia: Scott Grierson
    • Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands: Toine Smits
    • Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden: Göran Cars
    • Sheridan College, Canada: Elaine Hanson
    • University of  642-444 exam California, USA: Bernard Lietaer
    • University of Gothenburg, Sweden: Bo Rothstein
    • University of Graz, Austria: Rupert Baumgartner

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More may be added as the program grows.