Karolinska Institute (KI) is Sweden’s highest ranked university internationally. Now it has formed a center for social sustainability (CSS) and through this has also become member of the Alliance for Strategic Sustainable Development (www.alliance-ssd.org) led by Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH).

Among other things, BTH does research into a principled definition of social sustainability and is a key partner for the new center at KI, which will work with cross-disciplinary research and development of social sustainability with an application focus on care and prevention.

– My research in oncology took place at KI 20 years ago. It feels great that my old university is now engaged in this serious way for sustainability, says Karl-Henrik Robèrt, Professor of Strategic Sustainable Development at BTH and one of the initiators of the new center at  KI.

– We have in preparation for the start-up of CSS at KI reviewed the state-of-the art in research on social sustainability globally, including the important factors such as trust, compassion, empathy, transparency, diversity, etc., at the individual-, group- and organizational level. We conclude that the research at BTH has provided a most interesting and robust theoretical framework, which has also been tested with great success in various cases, both nationally and internationally. Professor Karl-Henrik Robert’s experience and drive have been a great asset in our preparation, and we look forward to a continued fruitful cooperation on research and development of new models of social sustainability between CSS at KI and the sustainability team at BTH, says Walter Osika, medical doctor, researcher and director of the new center.

For more information, please contact Karl-Henrik Robèrt, e-mail: karl-henrik.robert@bth.se or tel.: 0708-55 94 00.