According to an independent external team of expert reviewers, the sustainability research at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) is excellent and internationally leading.

Most universities in Sweden expose their research to independent external review. In the fall of 2013 a team of external experts assessed the quality of the research performed by BTH’s fourteen research groups. The review team presented their report to the BTH Board of Directors in December 2013.

The assessed aspects include publications, external funding ratio, academic network and cooperation, networks in industry and society, international presence and visibility, and research environment. Three of the fourteen research groups at BTH were classified as excellent and considered to perform internationally leading work. Those are the Computer and Communication System Group, the Software Engineering Group and the Sustainability-Driven Innovation (SDI) Group.

About the SDI Group, the review team says in their report, for example:

”Through the international coordination of the development of the FSSD, and the unique integration of the FSSD with methodologies for product-service-system innovation, procurement and so on, BTH has gained an excellent international recognition for its support to strategic sustainable development.”

“SDI has an excellent, uniquely large, incomparable and extraordinary well-established national and international network…”

“Overall, this is an excellent research group performing excellent results.”   

– We are very happy and proud of this fantastic review. It is yet a recognition of our work being at the cutting edge. It gives great inspiration for the whole group and our distinguished partners in academia, industry and society, says Professor Göran Broman, Director of the SDI Research Group and Head of the Department of Strategic Sustainable Development at BTH.

For more information, please contact Göran Broman, e-mail: or tel.: 0455-38 55 04.